Fully Qualified Staff Members

Educating the clients & customers we work with is our highest priority, that's why Highfields Gastroenterology employ the most experienced Gastroenterologists in the area.

Friendly and Caring Administration

From our caring administration to our modern, inviting waiting room. We ensure that your visit to our practice will be a welcoming one from the minute you walk in the door.

Modern Medical Equipment

Combining our wealth of experience with the latest technology, ensures our patients receive the most efficient & painless treatments available.

Highfields Gastroenterology

Welcome to Highfields Gastroenterology

Highfields Gastroenterology is a Port Macquarie based specialist practice servicing the Mid North Coast. Our specialist provide the highest quality of care in a friendly and welcoming environment. ie. Friendly treatment the minute you walk in the door.

We have the most experienced Gastroenterologists in the area. Our administrative staff are friendly, caring , professional and respect patients privacy and confidentiality of medical information.

Our practice is located at 18 Highfeilds Circuit PMQ. It comprises consulting rooms, capsule endoscopy services and on site Helicobacter breath testing. Our Doctors undertake endoscopic and interventional procedures at Port Macquarie Private and Base Hospitals, Wauchope Hospital, and Kempsey Hospital.

Both Dr. Eakin and Dr. Dahlenburg are working towards improvement in public health services on the Mid North Coast. Public wait times are unacceptable and both doctors lobby for more bowel cancer screening access for public patients.

Our reception staff are only able to arrange appointments after a referral has been received from your GP and triaged based on the information provided. This ensures that all patients are allocated a suitable appointment.


Treating Procedure

Appoint a doctor

Visit your General Practitioner

Consult your GP, explain your symptoms and you will be referred to one of our two specialists.

Diagnose the patient

Diagnose the patient

After being assessed by your specialist, a diagnosis will be made and you will be informed on the appropriate treating procedure.

Treatment Process

Treatment Process

Rapid Access Availability

We offer a Rapid Access program to all patients requiring a scoping procedure. (Gastroscopy/Colonoscopy)

The program allows far quicker access to the health care system with procedures normally carried out within 4 to 6 weeks of contact. The facility avoids lengthy wait times at Public Hospitals.

Procedures are done at the Port Macquarie Private Hospital by our two specialist who carry out a consultation and the procedure on the same day, thereby avoiding the need to wait for a consultation in our rooms, where the waiting list is extensive.

The patient will require the usual referral from their Medical Practitioner and they will then fall into 2 categories.

Private Health Fund Members

Privately insured patients pay a reduced consultation fee to the Specialist and all procedure fees are billed to their fund. We work under the “No Gap” system and do not seek any additional payments from the patient.

There will also be fees payable to the Private Hospital as well as anaesthetist and pathology. Patients should discuss these costs with their Fund, Port Macquarie Private Hospital and individual providers.

Uninsured patients.

Uninsured patients are able to use the facility on a “Self Funded” basis.

Patients should contact us to discuss fees on an individual basis.