Gastroenterology Specialist in Port Macquarie



Gastroenterology is our focus at Highfields.

Our clinic’s specialists undertake endoscopic and interventional procedures at Port Macquarie Private and Base Hospitals, Wauchope Hospital and Kempsey Hospital.

Contact us today for more information regarding our focus at Highfields Gastroenterology.
Your medical information, along with your privacy and confidentiality, are always given priority treatment at Highfields Gastroenterology. You’ll find that our caring admin staff are friendly and professional.

Receptionists are not responsible for matters over which they have no control.
They are supported by our Zero Tolerance Policy to foul language and aggressive behaviour.

Combining our wealth of experience with the latest technologies, Highfields Gastroenterology ensures that our patients receive the most efficient and painless treatments available.

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Specialist — Highfields Gastroenterology in Port Macquarie, NSW

Welcome to Highfields Gastroenterology

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Highfields Gastroenterology is a Port Macquarie-based specialist practice servicing the Mid North Coast.

From the moment you walk in the door, you’ll notice our clinic’s welcoming atmosphere. Here, you’ll receive the highest quality care in a friendly, professional environment.

Our practice, located at 18 Highfields Circuit, Port Macquarie, comprises consulting rooms, capsule endoscopy services and on-site Helicobacter breath testing.
The endoscopic and interventional procedures at Port Macquarie Private and Base Hospitals, Wauchope Hospital, and Kempsey Hospital are regularly undertaken by our doctors.

Both Dr. Eakin and Dr. Dahlenburg are active in pushing for improved public health services on the Mid North Coast, including lobbying for better bowel cancer screening access for public patients. They are also keen to see improvements in public hospital wait times which both doctors see as currently unacceptable.

Our friendly administrative staff are caring and professional. Your privacy and the confidentiality of your medical information is assured at Highfields Gastroenterology.

On receipt of a referral from your GP, our reception staff can arrange your appointment and triage, based on the information provided. This ensures that you will be allocated a suitable appointment.

Treating Procedure

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General Practitioner  — Highfields Gastroenterology in Port Macquarie, NSW

Visit your General Practitioner

Consult your GP, explain your symptoms and you will be referred to one of our two specialists.
Diagnose  — Highfields Gastroenterology in Port Macquarie, NSW

Diagnose the Patient

Once you are assessed by our specialist, a diagnosis is made and you will be informed about the appropriate treating procedure.
Treatment Process  — Highfields Gastroenterology in Port Macquarie, NSW

Treatment Process

Our clinicians conduct a range of treatments to help alleviate and treat digestive disorders. These treatments include capsule endoscopy, colonoscopy, gastroscopy and haemorrhoid banding.
Rapid Access Availability
If you require a scoping procedure, such as a Gastroscopy or Colonoscopy, you’ll be pleased to know about our Rapid Access program.

The program side-steps lengthy wait times at Public Hospitals and can give you quick access to the healthcare system. Rapid Access means that your procedure would typically be carried out within 4 to 6 weeks of contact.

The procedure would be done at the Port Macquarie Private Hospital by one of our two specialists.

Your consultation and the procedure would be done on the same day. You would effectively be spared lengthy waiting in the hospital.

You would need the usual referral from you General Practitioner (GP).
Private Health — Highfields Gastroenterology in Port Macquarie, NSW
Private Health Fund Members
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If you have Private Healthcare, there are fees payable to the Private Hospital, as well as to the anaesthetist, and for pathology.

You should discuss these costs with your Fund, Port Macquarie Private Hospital and individual providers. You would pay a reduced consultation fee to your specialist only.

All procedure fees would be billed to your fund. Under the “No Gap” system, you would not be asked for any additional payments.
Uninsured Patients — Highfields Gastroenterology in Port Macquarie, NSW
Uninsured patients
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If you are uninsured, you would be able to use the facility on a “Self Funded” basis. Please contact us to learn more about the fees involved.